What do others say about
working with Dr. Young?

"I cannot say enough about Dr. Young. If it were not for him, I am quite sure I would be in the hospital flat on my back. He keeps me going! Thank you, Dr. Young!"
Sandra D.
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"Dr. Young is friendly and works with me. He explains everything to me and answer all my questions without making me feel stupid."
Stephanie G.
Field of Lupines
"I always look forward to reviewing your case." - Dr. Young
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"Dr. Young and staff are super. They make me feel special, and are quick to meet my needs. You are more than just a number with these people. Thank YOU!"
Levon S.
"Dr. Young is very knowledgeable and great at what he does. He has a fantastic staff and they make us feel very comfortable every time we go!"
Aubri G.
"Thank you for making my life better."
Steven G.